Funeral services, funerals, funeral service. Burial, coffins, (wood,
upholstered). Undertaker's office. 24-hour undertaker's office, full
range of funeral services. Order processing at client's place. Transportation
of the deceased with catafalque. Hearse, hearse services. Morgue, morgues,
morgue. Preparation of death documents. Grave, (grave site) place booking,
ordering. Funeral ceremony masters. Carrier services, carriers. Funeral,
funeral ceremony. Funeral music: violin, organ, cello, flute, singer.
Pastor. Cross, crosses, covers, wreaths, plugs, car, ribbons, funeral
ribbons, accessories. Wooden, metal urn, urns. Transport. Bus for funeral
guests. Transportation of the deceased to/from abroad. Cemetery management,
tree cutting, tree branch trimming. Grave maintenance. Funerals, funeral
services in Ogre, Ķegums, In Lielvārde, Bauska, In Ikskile, Daugmale,
In Tinuzi, Saulkalne, In Baldone, In Ķekava, In Salaspils, In Ogresgals,
Rembate, Turkalne, Glāzšķūnis, Lēdmane, Laubere, In Madliena, In Ķeipene,
Suntaži, Krape, Taurupe.